Karma ODR-10

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Introducing the Karma ODR-10!

99.9% of the tone at a fraction of the price of an original - which now sell for $1500 and more!

Not just an ODR-1 clone - this is a clone of an extraordinary unit from the early 1990s, on loan to me from Tim Pierce.

I’ve had many requests to clone this circuit but have resisted until my friend Tim sent me his pristine original from the early 1990s to analyze.  These early Nobels now command premium prices on the used market.

When I put Tim’s up against several of the current models and clones, the difference was dramatic.  I agree with Tim - an ODR-1 from the early 90s sounds like an amp, while the new ones and clones sound like a pedal.

Now, almost a year and many prototypes later, I’ve been able to accurately replicate not just the ODR-1, but Tim Pierce’s specific original.  Tim’s response after living with the final prototype: “Greg, this is a great thing that you did ... I want guitar players to have this sound...I think people will really love it.  Congrats man,  you did it!...it sounds identical to my ODR-1 :)”


  • 9-18 volt operation
  • True bypass switching (the originals are not true bypass)
  • Premium quality plated through pcb
  • Meticulously assembled in the USA
  • USA-sourced parts when possible
  • Highest quality parts throughout
  • Custom powder coated and silk screened enclosure



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