Karma MTN-10

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Karma MTN-10

Our take on the venerable Ibanez Mostortion of the early ’90s

• Transparent, amp-like OD/Distortion

• Premium quality parts and plated-through pcb

• Meticulously built and tested in the United States

• True bypass switching

• CA3260 IC chip as in the original

• THIS is the one the Nashville guys are using!

• Custom powder coated and silk screened enclosure

• Flexible 3-knob EQ for wide ranging tone control

• Plenty of gain to push the front end of your amp

• Great touch sensitivity – highly dynamic

• 9v external power only @ 11ma (DC jack is on the side)

• Also fantastic as a clean boost

The Karma MTN-10, utilizing the original CA3260 chip but with much better parts and sturdier construction, excels where the original failed.




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