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HX® One is a powerful stereo effect pedal in an ultra-compact enclose that easily fits onto any pedalboard. It features intuitive controls, 250+ effects taken from HX family processors, a unique Flux Controller, a jack for connecting an optional expression pedal or two footswitches, adjustable input impedance, MIDI capabilities, and a choice of true or buffered DSP bypass.

BEHAVIORAL MODELING HX Modeling technology captures the unique behavior of analog effects devices by measuring their individual components, resulting in authentic recreations of even notoriously difficult-to-model effects such as germanium fuzz and “bucket-brigade” analog delay pedalsrig

ULTRA-COMPACT Its ultra-compact enclosure allows HX One to be easily integrated into your setup—including fitting on nearly any pedalboard. 

INTERACTION Selecting and engaging effects is straightforward—and to change effect settings you simply adjust the parameters displayed on the OLED screen using the three corresponding knobs.

FLUX CONTROLLER Flux enables you to adjust multiple effect parameters simultaneously over a predetermined period of time—all with a single footswitch press. 

ADJUSTABLE INPUT IMPEDANCE The input impedance of a pedal determines to what extent the signal from your instrument’s pickup or pickups is “impeded,” which affects both tone and feel. Adjustable Input Impedance enables you to compensate for pickups of various signal strengths. 

EXTERNAL CONTROL Connect an optional expression pedal (automatically assigned to relevant effects parameters), two assignable external footswitches, or one of each. 

MIDI CAPABILITIES MIDI In and Out/Thru connectors enable HX One to receive program change, continuous controller, and other MIDI messages from external sources. 

BYPASS OPTIONS Choose True or Buffered DSP bypass. True bypass avoids A/D/A conversion by routing analog signals directly from the input(s) to the output(s). 

USB Connect the USB C port to your computer to perform firmware updates and backup/restore the 128 onboard presets using the free HX One Librarian app. 

DC POWER HX One may be powered using the included 9V power supply or by most third-party power supplies, making it easy to add to your pedalboard.




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