Keeley Synth-1

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The Synth-1 allows you to create fuzzed-out synth waves!  Use the Filter and Blend controls to mix your guitar with the fuzz from the synth.  Go from churning slow-gear reverse swells to sounding like a light saber.

The Keeley Synth-1 is a guitar-triggered, single-note wave generator.  You control the tone of the wave with the Filter Control.  The lead-in time or swell of the note is controlled with the Attack knob.  Then use the Blend control to remove the natural tone from your guitar as you slide through synth-sounding fuzz waves.  Use an expression pedal to control the Filter, and now you have Wah-Wah-like control of the Synth-1.

- Synth Wave Generator – Create fuzzed-out, single note synth sounds
- Reverse Attack – Volume Swell Effect – put your guitar in slow gear!
- Chaos Switch – change dimensional triggering and octaves and stuff
- Filter – shape the EQ and tone of your fuzz wave
- Wave Selector – change wave modes on the fly with your foot!
- Control the Blend of your natural guitar and the wave generator
- Side Mount Expression Jack for TRS control of the Filter
- Top Mounted Jacks, True-Bypass
- Designed and Made in the USA




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