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Who among us hasn't wished to be surrounded by vintage Muffs? From the early triangle version through the ram's head and across the Atlantic to Russia, players everywhere have sought the tone of the Big Muff for five decades.

Unfortunately, assembling a menagerie of these Muff flavors, while not impossible, can be quite the drain on the pocketbook. Some vintage Muffs can fetch nearly a thousand dollars!

JHS has drastically simplified the search with the Muffuletta. This ultra-versatile pedal delivers five classic Muff types and a sixth JHS modified version, spanning the Muff's entire history from the breadboard to superstardom.

Wait, five DIFFERENT Muffs? Yes. Not content to offer a simple part swap with a switch, this switching matrix actually changes the entire circuit when the dial is moved. Now there are six discrete Muff types available!

The models:
Civil War (1991–1993): More mids, less gain, brighter tone
Russian (1999–2009): More saturation, less low end, more compression
"Pi" (1977–1978): Aggressive, super-compressed and super raw
Triangle (1969–1970): Massive low end, preserves note articulation
Ram's Head (1973–1977): Scooped mids, less gain, darker tone, long sustain
JHS modded (2015): Enhanced mids, big low end, more open
What's more, JHS found that its Russian Muff had a unique tone sweep that was sweeter than the rest, so the Tone control in the Muffuletta is modeled after this particular Muff that JHS owns. Players will find that this opens up the usability of the Muffuletta six-fold.

JHS Muffuletta Features:
Switching matrix that actually switches between six different Muff types
Six models span the history of the Big Muff
Enhanced Tone control
True bypass
Standard 9v center-negative operation




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