KingTone Bluebird J1 Guitar Pickup Set

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BlueBird J1 – Electric Guitar Pickups (Set of 3)
White pickup covers are included.

Next Level Guitar Pickups Designed and Built by Kingtone USA. There has been a trend in recent years to overwind pickups. Overwinding produces a louder pickup with a more pronounced mid hump in the tone, you also loose some low end. Many vintage pickups were often wound with many less turns, this produces a bright and more open sounding pickup. Too few winds and the pickup can sound thin and clinical, too many windings and the pickup will be harsh on the top end and muddy on lows. Getting the balance right is part of what makes a pickup sound amazing. We believe that we have found the perfect balance of scatter windings, magnet strength and coil shape to create the best pickup tone from a Strat.

The BlueBird J1 Electric Guitar Pickups produce a Pure, Vintage, Fat and Playable Strat tone. The Bluebird J1’s have been meticulously designed and refined over a 15 year period by renowned guitarist Jesse Davey to get as close to the Stevie Ray Vaughan tone as possible. The pickups let the pure ‘Bell like’ quality of your guitar shine through. If you feel its time to fix the weak link in your tone, these pickups could be right for you. Monster Tone.

-Rich Fat (Bell Like) King Tone.

-Clear Bright Top End, Not Harsh.

-Extended Low End.

-Fits 7.25″ to 12″ Radius Neck.

-Vintage Spec Heavy Formvar 42 AWG Wire.

-Staggered AlNoCo V Magnets.

-Scatter Wound on Custom Winding Machines.

-As used by Jesse Davey and Many Others.

-A Set of 3 Carefully Balanced Strat Pickups. Neck, Middle, Bridge.

-Hand Bevelled Pole Pieces.

-Supplied with Waxed Cloth Wire.

-Custom Mix Wax Potted to Reduce Microphonic Feedback.

-Boxed with Screws and Fixings. 




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