Ramble FX Twin Bender V3

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Twin Bender uses the same circuit of the Sola Sound Tone Bender™ MKII Professional that Jimmy Page and many others have made famous, and adds several exciting features. The Twin Bender is really 2 'Benders in one pedal, with a switch that transforms it into a MK1.5. MK1.5 mode uses one less transistor for less fuzz, and cleans up nicely with your guitar's volume control.​ Twin Bender is hand-built ​with tested and matched NOS (new, old stock) germanium ​transistors. It also uses Mallory 150 capacitors and audiophile quality components selected for great tone and low noise.

Five Exciting Features Unique to Twin Bender

  • MK1.5 Switch MKII mode has tons of fuzz with infinite sustain. MK1.5 moode uses one less transistor for less fuzz that cleans up nicely with your guitar's volume.
  • ​Built-in Voltage Inverter PNP Germanium transistors require opposite polarity power. Twin Bender has a built-in voltage inverter so that it can share a power supply with other pedals.
  • ​External Bias Adjustment ​ Provides an easy way of fine tuning the NOS (new, old stock) germanium transistors.
  • Tone Switch 3-way switch with mids-enhanced and fat settings along with stock Tone Bender.
  • Impedance Knob ​ Turned fully up is stock Tone Bender. Rolling it back a little will greatly improve tone when used with a buffer, active pickups, wireless devices, wahs, etc. Turn it down more to reduce gain and unlock new fuzz tones.




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