AMT Electronics LLM-2 Little Loudmouth Volume Pedal

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The Little Loudmouth is an optical version of the classic volume pedal, but with added improvements.  Optical control increases the service life of the effect by eliminating the frequent strain and wear on the control potentiometer.  The optical sensor also provides for a smoother transition in frequency changes, and eliminates the dreaded "scratchy" potentiometer sound.

Little Loudmouth LLM-2 is an upgraded version of the original LLM-1.  The LLM-2 with the foot rocker fully retracted back, provides total silence and muted signal of the input path, while the LLM-1 was designed for non-muted operation.  Now you can have total range from full volume to complete silence, all in a small compact pedal that can find space on any pedal board.

Found on the left side of the pedal, is a 3-way toggle switch, offering three different MAX output volumes that the user can choose from.  +12 having the greatest output, +6 second, and 0 at line volume.

The LLM-2 pedal has high input impedance of 1MOhm and low output impedance - 10 KOhm which makes it easy to integrate it into any effect chain without signal quality loss.
- Switchable output volumes: +12, +6, 0 
- ZERO volume when fully retracted
- Removable support feet (the option is useful when you install the AMT LLM-2 with Velcro on the pedal board) 
- Effect on/off indicator LEDs on both pedal sides (visible when engaged) 
- Adjustable pedal tension by means of an axial screw
- 9-12v DC power negative center (-), adapter or battery
- Low power consumption of less than 5mA
- Small size: 110 x 62 x 58 mm 
- Weight (without battery) 0.45 kg



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