Pedaltrain Powertrain1250 Power Supply

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For years folks have asked..."Why don't you have a power supply of your own?"  We had a lot of excuses.  The main reason was that we felt there were plenty of great power supply choices out there, and there are!  But over time we saw a need for a super quiet, primarily 9volt supply with a few innovative optional features.  So we partnered with the brilliant electronic engineers at Creation Audio Labs in Nashville and are now proud to introduce the Powertrain1250.  With selectable input voltage (115v or 230v) operation you can confidently use your powertrain1250 anywhere in the world! The powertrain1250 mounts conveniently underneath all pedaltrains (excluding NANO and MINI) by simply drilling 4 small holes using our custom designed mounting template.  No mounting brackets necessary!

Powertrain 1250 is the quietest power supply on the market and the first global-use, multi-output power supply.  With a custom transformer and rugged construction, Powertrain 1250 is built to handle all that the road can throw at it.  No matter where your tone takes you, Powertrain 1250 will give you the cleanest, quietest, power for your pedals.  With five isolated sections and eight outputs - including one variable output that's selectable between 9, 12, 15 or 18 volts - and a breakthrough in SAG technology - We call it Load Dependent Voltage, or LDV.  LDV accurately simulates the characteristics of 9v battery power in ways you never dreamed possible.




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