CIOKS Stack Flex type 1 #1022

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Stack Flex gives you the possibility of 'stacking' two outlets on top of each other.  By a series connection of the power supply's two outlets you'll end up with a higher voltage on the plug for your pedal.  In the case of type 1 Stack Flex it's a black 5.5/2.1mm centre negative DC-plug.  One of the power supply's two outlets used with the Stack Flex must be isolated.

The most common way of using the Stack Flex cable is together with the Schizophrenic power supply where all outlets are isolated.  By merging two of the outlets set to 9V you'll obtain 18V for the bigger MXR pedals needing 18V and have a current draw of maximum 80mA.  If your 18V pedal draws less than 40mA you don't need the Stack Flex.  You just have to set the last outlet of the Schizophrenic to 18V and use a standard type 1 Flex cable.  By using the Stack Flex with the last outlet of the Schizophrenic power supply in 'adjustable mode' together with another outlet set to 9V you'll have the possibility of adjusting the voltage to your pedal in the range 13-26V.

The new Baby Mach 2 together with the Stack Flex gives you now the possibility of powering an 18V pedal.  You simply use the isolated outlet 5 on top of outlet 4 and obtain 18V on the pedal end.

If you own both an AC Rider and a Big John power supply, you'll be able to obtain 18V by stacking one of the 9V outlets from the AC Rider together with an outlet from the Big John (the second 9V outlet from the same section on the AC Rider may not be used now).

BE CAREFUL when using Stack Flex.  There is a risk of damaging one of your 9V pedals by powering it with too high a voltage.  Check the specifications of the pedal and if you still have some questions, you're welcome to send an e-mail to and get some useful information.

Order number: 1022 CIOKS Stack Flex 1 - 50cm with 5.5/2.1mm centre negative DC-plug (white/black)




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