Analog Man Sun Lion

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Sun Lion is a Sun Face on the right and a Beano Boost on the left. 

  • True Bypass on both sides
  • Two 3PDT stomp switches, one for each side. Either or both can be used.
  • Status LED on each side.
  • NOS Germanium transistor, selected for best tone and low noise on Beano side.
  • High quality RE’AN British input and output jacks, top mounted for pedalboards. 
  • Battery disconnected when INPUT cord removed (input is on the right). 
  • Sun Dial bias control is standard. 
  • No standard Power jack as these are detrimental to the ultimate tones, and dangerous due to positive ground. 
  • Battery should be a cheap non-alkaline general purpose battery, as found in the dollar stores. These will sound better than an alkaline.
  • Size is 4.75" wide, 3.75" long, and 1.5" tall not including switch etc (about 2 1/8" tall to the switch).
  • This effect should not have any non-true bypass effects in front of it. Otherwise, the fuzz’s cleanup function will not work well. 



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