Pedaltrain PT-PBK Pedal Booster 3-pack

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Sometimes you just need a little boost.  For example; on the front row you have an unusually tall pedal, and a short one right above it.  Reaching that foot switch can be a precarious toe tap balancing act.  Enter the Pedatrain Pedal-Booster.  These handy little wedges will get the business end of your short pedal up a full one inch allowing easy access.  Available is three widths to accommodate virtually any custom configuration.  They can be fastened with the included velcro, or for a more permanent application use the provided screws.  Folded steel construction, durable powder coat finish.  (Pedals sold separately) 

Single Pedal-Booster:  3.5x5.5x1 inches 
Double Pedal-Booster:    7x5.5x1 inches
Triple Pedal-Booster:    10x5.5x1 inches

(Pedals and pedalboard not included)



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