Analog Man ARDX20 Dual Analog Delay

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The Analog Man ARDX20 Analog Delay pedal is a 100% handmade analog BBD chip delay. It has two channels, each with independent delay time, feedback, and level controls. Also has effects loop, delay time expression control jack, and hi-cut switch. 

The ARDX20 takes the great sound of our previous analog delay, but adds more features.

This pedal was released slowly, with no hype or advance promotion, so that we would not get into a back-order situation or have to fix problems in early versions. They are still sort of "under the radar", but with over 2000 (6/2012) ARDX20 pedals out there now, this pedal is ready to take off!

It was designed by Ohbayashi San of Analog Man Asia in Japan, with design and specification help from Analogmike. We built a custom circuit board and specially designed ergonomic enclosure for this pedal. The wires are hand soldered and assembled to our specs in China. Then the pedals go to Japan where the Analogman logos on the pedals are engraved (round top versions) and the pedals are calibrated and tuned at the Analog Man Asia shop by Ohbayashi san and his team.

This delay was designed for ease of use and the best sound possible, with standard features everyone can use. 

It's trivial to make an analog delay that has very dark repeats, as the noise which is the problem with analog delays is filtered out along with the high end. To make the repeats have good fidelity without excessive noise (like the Deluxe Memory Man) is difficult, especially with the newer low voltage delay chips, but we have tuned this delay for high fidelity repeats and kept the noise very low. 

1. True bypass switching, the right side foot switch is effect ON/OFF.
2. It's ONE delay pedal, but has TWO sets of controls, not only delay time but also delay level and feedback.
YELLOW channel (upper 3 knobs) or RED channel (lower 3 knobs) are selected with the left foot switch.
3. Battery or normal 9V boss type power. Power jack in the center top.
4. Battery compartment on the bottom for quick and easy battery changes (round version).
5. Low power consumption, 15mA, so an alkaline battery should last about 30 hours of use.
6. Jacks are on the top of the pedal for efficient layout on pedalboards
7. Input jack on the far right, unplug to disconnect battery
8. Output jack on the far left
9. EFFECTS LOOP is next to the input jack. Use a Y-cable (insert cable like optional HOSA STP-201) to run an effect only when the delay is ON, and only on the delayed signal.
The dry sound will stay in the pedal, it won't pass through the effects loop.
Modulation pedals are cool here. The E-H FREEZE pedal is amazing in the loop!
Or use a VOLUME pedal with a Y-Cable or an expression pedal to control the level of the repeats. Pulling back all the way will kill the delay sound. You can also control the FEEDBACK somewhat, as lowering the repeats volume will reduce the feedback so you can easily control infinite delays.
10. DELAY TIME EXPRESSION jack is next to the output jack. Use a normal Boss EV5 type expression pedal to control the delay time of the RED channel.
11. 600mS (.6 seconds) analog delay time, with clear, not dull, delay sounds. But not clean and bright like a digital delay. Most of the units actually get 650mS if you measure them. The delays are easily controlled for infinite feedback without runaway volume problems which can damage your speakers. 3:00 on the feedback will usually provide easily controlled infinite repeats. Minimum delay time is 36mS.
12. You can plug into the EFFECTS LOOP to get a WET ONLY sound, when the pedal is ON. You will need a special cable- the ring on the delay side always connected to the tip of the output cable. 

a) Attach the tip and the ring together on the pedal side to allow feedback (repeats). If you do this, the normal output will work normally, with both wet and dry, so if you want only DRY* out of the normal output, turn the LEVEL knob down to kill the delay on the normal output. The LEVEL knob does not change the volume coming out of the FX loop. So the WET output will be very loud.
b) Ground the tip on the pedal side (kills noise) if you don't want feedback (multiple repeats). You will have dry only out of the normal output. 

You can alternatively plug a normal cable half-way into the EFFECTS LOOP jack to do this but it's a little tricky to get it just right so if you want to do it often it's best to use a special cable. 

13. Two LED lights blink in time to the delay setting.


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