JHS The AT (Andy Timmons) Signature Channel Drive

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Once upon a time, Andy Timmons bought a JHS Angry Charlie. He loved it, it went on his board immediately, and they lived happily ever after.

Until now.

The @ (AT, Andy Timmons) was developed for Andy as a signature pedal, taking everything he likes from the Angry Charlie and expanding on it, for a unique take on the circuit that sounds great and sacrifices nothing.

An “Air” knob has been added, and this control acts as a high-pass filter for the treble frequencies. This control allows players to pair The @ with literally any amplifier on the market, from bright and open to dark and crunchy.

The new toggle switch acts as a rectifier switch on a real amp, with the center position as “100 watt” mode, down as “50 watt” and up as “25 watt.” The 100 watt is louder with the loss of grit, and the 25 is lower-output but with much more drive on tap. Of course, the 50 watt mode is the perfect balance between the two.

The original Angry Charlie was the perfect JCM800 gain stage emulator and The @ delivers a “virtual switchable rectifier” that’s set to blow you away—fan of Timmons or not.

JHS The AT (Andy Timmons) Signature Channel Drive Features:
Three-way “wattage selector” toggle
New Air control pairs perfectly with any amp
True bypass
Made in USA
Standard 9v center-negative power operation




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